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Welcome to the Morgrave Preparatory School!

Dear Sir/Madam/Neuter,

I am delighted to inform you that your application for admittance to the ranks of the Morgrave University Junior Associates has been approved. Your thoughtful application, remarkable personal accomplishments, and outstanding written essay, convinced us that you possess the drive, determination, and intellectual clarity necessary for admittance to our prestigious institute. Indeed were it not for your age, I would judge you worthy of full admittance as a student at Morgrave University, and I trust that after four years with our Junior Associates program, you will do just that. I formally welcome you to the Morgrave University Junior Associates Institute class of 998 YK.

As you know, the Morgrave University, founded in 738 YK by Lareth ir’Morgrave, has quickly risen to become the foremost institute in the fields of Archaeology, Cryptozoology, Applied Theurgics, and Old World Studies in all of Khorvaire. Not content to rest on the laurels of his ancestors, the current Dean, Larrian ir’Morgrave, sought to expand the University’s mandate for learning to a younger student body in 995 YK by opening the Morgrave University Junior Associates Institute. At MUJAI, precocious young students like you will undertake a four year education in the fundamental skills necessary for eventual admittance to both Morgrave University proper and its sister program, the Morgrave Outreach Association. Come this fall you’ll be eligible to sign up for such classes as Applied Arcanic Resonance, Underground Survival Training, Advanced Trapspotting, Mythobiology, Draconic Language Studies, and Unorthodox Combat Techniques. Thanks to our partnership with the Wayfinder Foundation, the Library of Korranburg, the Twelve, and the Rekkenmark Academy, Morgrave University Junior Associates can look forward to studying under some of the best minds in all the four nations, as well as visiting professors from such exotic locations as Aerenal and Darguun.

Again, I congratulate you on taking your first step towards becoming a part of our fine university. I look forward to both the unique mix of skills and attitudes that you will surely bring to Morgrave, and your inevitable accomplishments in your chosen field.


Headmaster Argo ir’Witt

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